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Maintenance for WordPress

Are you keeping your WordPress site up to date with routine maintenance?  You should be!

Here are a couple of reasons why it’s extremely important that you keep your WordPress installation up to date:

  • Every major WordPress upgrade not only adds some cool features, but often add new functions into the core WordPress files that before, you might have had to search for plug ins that you need.
  • But more importantly, the WordPress upgrades can fix bugs that might be making your blog unstable or susceptible to hackers and that can increase your security.

WordPress requires maintenance just like your car does!

Updating plugins and security features can be time consuming but must be performed on a routine basis.  I have added this plan to give your peace of mind regarding your website security and functionality.

Think of it this way, you have to maintain your vehicle, right?  You need to have routine oil changes done, change out filters and other routine things so that your vehicle continues to run.  If you don’t do the maintenance on your vehicle, it won’t run smooth.  It’s the same thing, if you never did maintenance and updates to your WordPress site, it could stop functioning or worse yet, let hackers in to do their worst!

My WordPress Peace of Mind Security and Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Make weekly full back up of databases and theme design files
  • Safe storage of a back up copy of your website that you have access to at any time
  • Complete any updates for plugins
  • Updating WordPress to the most stable current update
  • Check functionality of all plug-ins and recommend new ones if support/upgrades are no longer available
  • Changing/strengthening passwords

Monthly Service

$55/month recurring

Quarterly Service

$155/every 3 months recurring

*Subscription to plans can be cancelled at any time with a 14 day written (email) notice.

Have some questions? Contact me and let’s talk about it!