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Are We Goal Setting All Wrong?

Has anyone ever told you to set goals? I know, silly question. People are always telling you to set goals because goal setting can and does work. But has anyone told you there is a right way and a wrong way to choose those goals? For example, you want to earn $10,000 a month so you set a goal to…

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Overcoming Fear and Gaining Success

Ok, so you’ve come up with a new idea for your business and you think it will be a big success.  What is keeping you from going for it?  Do you say things like, “I have a great business idea, but what if no one else thinks it’s great?”  Don’t let fear be the obstacle that is keeping you from…

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Is Your Life Out of Balance?

Is your life out of balance?  You may be thinking that your life needs to be more balanced, more time spent at home and with friends and less time spent at work.  Perhaps you’ve even mentioned this to your spouse, girlfriend, best buddy, doctor or co-workers.    If you have mentioned feeling out of balance, it is likely that at least…

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