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Building your own DREAM TEAM

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure and honor to be a guest speaker on the Global Fab Friends group created by Ali Soleil and the theme for this month was Gain A Team And Grow Your Business!  I spoke to them about determining if you need a new team member, where and how to find VA’s, and how to delegate to them. …

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How Do I Know What and How to Delegate Tasks?

“How do I know what and how to delegate?”  Almost every client that I have ever worked with has asked me this question.  This seems to be one of the biggest obstacles that business owners have. Many business owners have difficulty growing their business trying to do it all themselves.  They then realize that they need to have a team…

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Outsourcing Your Projects To A Virtual Assistant

Why outsourcing? When a lot of entrepreneurs start out with their home based businesses, they have no idea that their businesses could grow very quickly and often they feel overwhelmed.   When your business does grow to the point that it’s hard to manage every little aspect of your business, that’s when outsourcing can help. Bring on the outsourcing! While you…

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